Fetal ultrasound

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Online ultrasound

UVS(Saybebe Box)

UVS is an ultrasound video recording device. A remote control unit allows for easy operation. High quality ultrasound videos and images are saved and uploaded to Saybebe servers to be easily accessed and retrieved. Advanced fuctions such as heart beat capture and voice recording, log retrieval and remote access features are provided.

Ultrasound app, Saybebe

Saybebe App

"SAYBEBE" app download - Apple App store, Google play
Login using singel SAYBEBE ID - download videos through the app
Optional content services provided -Pregnancy information, due date, body fat index, baby height predictor functions
About Business

Online Services
- Uplad and downloading ultrasound video through...
- Producing still images from ultrasound video
- Pregnancy / Childbirth / Infant care portal
- Gynecology content services - Electronic maternity notebook, infanct care notebook, medical check-up...

Mobile Services (Smartphone & Tablet)
- Ultrasound viewing on mobile devices
- Saybebe mobile apps development
- Content services - Pregnancy information due date....

Patent Real time ultrasound video service system and the method of recording
- Patent registration in Korea
- Patent granted in Japan
- Patent granted in China
- Certified as a Small & Medium Enterprise for Innovative