Fetal imaging

Guideline for MEDINBIZ UVS equipment distributors Suggested guideline for distribution and sale of UVS equipment 1. A Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is provided by MEDINBIZ. For new regions, the MSRP is determined by working with the distributor. 2. Medical equipment distributors preferred. Experience working with hospital and/or clinics is required. 3. MEDINBIZ equipment training is provided by Medinbiz personnel. Support and administrative functions available via smartphone and PC. 4. Distributor is responsible for shipping costs and any taxes and fees associated with importing. 5. Exclusive distributorship agreements available if minimum sales figures are met. 6. For more detailed information, please send us an email at info@medinbiz.com or use the Distributor Inquiry form on this website. Fetal imaging is another important way to monitor a pregnancy. The mother and fetus are also usually imaged in the first trimester of pregnancy. Fetal imaging is done to predict problems with the mother; confirm that a pregnancy is present inside the uterus; estimate the gestational age; determine the number of fetuses and placentae; evaluate for an ectopic pregnancy and first trimester bleeding; and assess for early signs of anomalies.
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