Fetal ultrasound

2012 Present Installed at 330+ OB/GYN clinics and hospitals in Korea(covering about 80% of pregnancies) Launched social app Pregnancy & Childbirth portal site Infant e-commerce business 2009 07 Launched the Women's Hospital Medical Card 2008 12 Korean patent registration and PCT for international patent 06 Selected as a government-approved R&D program for Small & Medium Enterprises 03 Certified as a Small & Medium Enterprise for Innovative Management (MAIN-BIZ) 03 Certified as SME R&D Center 2007 11 Certified as the International Standard Management, ISO 9001 2006 12 Patent applications for ultrasonic wave video 10 Started the Premium Service 07 Certified as a Small & Medium Enterprise for Innovative Technology (INNO-BIZ) 2005 06 Certified as a venture enterprise 2003 09 Formal launch of SAYBEBE services 2001 Fetal ultrasound is the application of medical ultrasonography to obstetrics, in which sonography is used to visualize the embryo or fetus in its mother's uterus (womb). The procedure is a standard part of prenatal care, as it yields a variety of information regarding the health of the mother and of the fetus, the progress of the pregnancy, and further information on the baby.
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